© Lana Lorenz 2009


During the past seven years I have handmade and illustrated 16 journals in which I make comments about what is happening in my life and explanations regarding the inspirations, work in progress and outcomes of each project I undertake.

Apart from my life drawings, on which I work for short periods only, the majority of what I do takes a long time, ranging from weeks to many months. The longest I have worked on one project has been 18 months - see “Love Letters” in the Soft Sculpture Showcase.

Into my journals go all manner of things (often mirroring my teenage diaries which I regret I no longer have).

Postcards, photos, pressed flowers.....

Comments that are often painfully “heart on sleeve”..... All a bit retro and Edwardian I know! But someone has to do it.

Also silly bits and saucy bits.

I hope that if I ever reach old age, these journals will jog some wonderful memories.

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